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LMA Rules

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Guidelines for posting in Letsforum online marketplace

1. All members regarding their post-count can start advertising in our Market Place. But until the user reaches 10 posts it won't be able to include links!
2. Thread should contain clear & descriptive content.
3. Your services/products must be related to the mentioned categories below. (The posts will be deleted for no reason when subject to SPAM/Irrelevant).
4. All threads are subject to moderator approval so avoid posting replies like "THANKS" "THANKS FOR SHARING" to increase post count.
5. Don't link to your LMA threads when posting in regular forums except if the link is in the signature!

How to submit a LMA Marketplace - Advertising thread

1. Main Online marketplace forum should only be used to post Buy, Sell, Trade Offers not related to subforums:

Classified Ads

Affiliate Programs

Freelance Job Offers

Web Hosting Offers

Any other offers should be posted in their designated forum!

2. Thread may taken into a moderation queue. Approval process will be done by our staff within short time.
3. Do not try to bump your sales thread. It is strictly prohibited will tend to ban from using of Letsforum.
4. Posting duplicate, scrapped from other websites content will get removed and user could get banned!

Ad Message and Title

1. Title should not contain any emails, URLs, phone numbers or any non charset=UTF-8 characters.
2. Message/content should be unique and original! Any scrapped/ copied or duplicate content will get removed and the user could get banned!

Allowed Categories and Services

1. Link building
2. SEO/Search Engine Optimization
3. PPC/Pay Per Click
4. Internet/Online marketing
5. Social media
6. Web, logo, graphic design and development
7. Content writing
8. Hosting
9. eBooks
10. Domains
11. Plugins
12. Templates
13. Themes

Avoid being Scams On-line

We are working very hard to reduce the spam posts, be aware of some shitlist threads! We are trying to give a quality buying/selling experience through LMA.


1. Members can claim or ask for a review copy about their services.
2. Trust when the services seems to be good; Yes it is.
3. Do not do your business via P.M, Members goes off the board easily when the discussions become flaky.
4. LMA is advised to use reversed payment methods; Try to be in safe position when things gone bad.
5. Always Google for sellers and make sure they free from ban, infractions and negative reviews

By Letsforum Staff.,