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2Captcha: Solve reCaptcah without emulation and 100% correctly

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Hello fellow letsforum members!
I really enjoy this community and the fast running forums.
I have a lot to learn, but i also have an area of expertise that i can offer! I work with 2captcha.com team and we are proud to present to you the newest feature from our established captcha solving service. We offer you an opportunity to solve captchas without browser emulation, without clicking any pictures or checkboxes. We are the first to make solving recaptcha easier than the standard captchas!

How does Recaptcha V2 works?
1) You open a page where recaptcha is installed
2) ReCaptcha is uploaded from Google’s server
3) You solve the ReCaptcha and receive a g-recaptcha-response
4) When you send your data to the server you send the g-recaptcha-response
with it.
5) The server checks g-recaptcha-response validity with the google.com
the g-recaptcha-response is valid you have passed the captcha

What do we offer?

1. You send us ther URL of the site where you want to pass the captcha
2. Our micro-worker goes to the site, solves the captcha and receives g-recaptcha-response, but doesn’t send it to the site and sends it to us
3. We return g-recaptcha-response back to you, which allows you to pass captcha on the site that you need.

Algorithm features:
1. ReCaptcha is solved by a real person
2. The answer is 100% correct. Mistakes are eliminated
3. The response is valid for 120 seconds after the worker solved the captcha
4. Solving one captcha takes long time 15-40 seconds
5. You can receive g-recaptcha-response first and than load the page where you want to pass the captcha
6. You can work in multiple streams simultaneously by sending new captcha before you receive answer for the previous captchas

Cost and refund policy:

• 1000 solved ReCaptchas cost $2,99
• Minimal deposit is $1, for each ReCaptcha that you send to us we deduct $0,299
• If you don’t need our service anymore you can order a refund and we will return your unspent funds vack to the card or wallet from which you’ve made your deposit.

If you are interested contact me and i will gladly give you some promo codes to test the service for yourself!

Besides ReCaptchas we solve standard captchas, FunCaptcha, ClickCaptchas, RotateCaptchas, audio-captchas from ReCaptcha and SolveMedia. We are happily doing business with a large number of customers since 2014 - you can find lots of reviews for our services. Virtually all software that requires to solve a captcha at some point has our support and works with 2captcha services.
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Nice service!

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