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3 Useless SEO metric

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1. PageRank (PR)
I know some of you may still consider this as good metric, but unfortunately the last time google update their page rank are in, guess what? 6 December 2013. Of course they still update the page rank, but they keep it secret.
Solution: Check backlink quality instead of pagerank. you can use tool such as ahref, or ose, or other backlink checker tools.

2. Alexa Rank.
If you interested to buy website with high alexa rank, well forget about it. Why alexa rank useless at least for seo, because the way alexa rank work. Alexa ranking is counted based on users that installed an Alexa toolbar on their browser. guest how many regular people install alexa toolbar? gues who install alexa toolbar? mainly are webwaster or seo people. moreover it's easy to "cheat" alexa ranking, you can simply send junk traffic on it, and done.
Solution: use your google webmaster and google analytic stat.

3. Number of backlink.
Quality over quantity. It's great if your website got 1million backlink, but if it's from spammy comment, then forget about first page at google.
Solution: get backlink from related / authority website. If your website about cat, try get backlink from other cat's website not some weird rusian website.

searchmetric create great ranking factor chart, take a look here (I can't post link, I'll update once I'm able add it)

Sorry if there are typo or grammar error, English is not my native language.
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Since 2013 SEO is not the same anymore. PageRank seems to be gone and not it appears Google judges the website by it's content! Backlinks are still important but heaving a website that provides great user experience by being or fast containing and publishing quality content.
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Very True,
I believe right now great content are the number 1 ranking factor, searchmetrics research even place backlink just at 3rd place after onpage seo.
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However Google algorithms updated, but unique and fresh content always have its own importance in search engines.
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Yes Very Truly
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This is so true, unique and relevant content will always be crucial for ranking in SERP but don’t forget other parameters such as optimization and information availability on mobile devices.
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"Content is King" So use unique and relevant content and submit it, Then you can increase page rank of website.

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