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404 error page

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Shivam Tripathi Offline referral

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Why there is need to create custom 404 error page? Is there any relevancy to boost ranking status?
SaraWilliams Offline referral

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The HTTP 404 Not Found Error means that the webpage you were trying to reach could not be found on the server.
johnray Offline referral

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Custom 404 helps the user to navigate properly. There is no connection of this with ranking boost. This page should be there as per the search engine rules & users.
easyweb Offline referral

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Custom 404 error page is also helps to get back your user at your home page..
worldimmigration21 Offline referral


404 error means page not found in you website and if you are doing seo then after some days you will mark as fixed in google webmaster
drnagwaniseo Offline referral

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- When pages get relocated or eradicated, users are confronted with a 404 error page.It is very important engage the visitor when they land on a 404 error page. Make them want to try again to obtain information from your site.
damponting44 Offline referral

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Those slip 404 "Page not found" may be the lapse page shown At whatever point somebody asks for a page that’s basically not accessible for your site. The purpose behind this will be that there might make An connection looking into your webpage that might have been not right alternately those page may bring been as of late evacuated from the site. Likewise there is no web page with display, the web server sends An page that essentially says "404 page not found".
Avasmith Offline referral

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It's not important you can re-direct your user to home page in case they visit non-existing page
gurunath Offline referral

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No, it not boost any thing, somebody search your website the particular page is not in your website, you have to give the information this page is not in my website,you just intimate to the visitor that purpose only you have to create 404 page,

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