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5 Ways to Become a Millionaire

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Anyone can become a millionaire by following a few simple steps.

You don't have to be wealthy to begin nor do you have to earn six figures to reach this goal, anyone can become a millionaire and there are five things you need to do to have the best shot of making this a reality.

#1 Earn income.

Clearly, the more money you make the faster you can reach that milestone, but that doesn't mean an average income won't get you there.

#2 Live within your means.

It doesn't matter how much money you make if you spend it all or spend even more than you make.

#3 Save money.

Most people treat savings as an afterthought, don't follow the crowd, pay yourself first!

#4 Invest wisely.

Develop an investment strategy and stick with it.

#5 Stick with your plan.

Stick to what you have already done while constantly improving on each step.
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Nice share Maria I don't really want to be a millionaire I just want have enough money so that I know no matter what happens I have food on the table.
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true that its nice to see someone thats real on here xD
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(12-24-2013 08:58 PM)cash_flo Wrote:  true that its nice to see someone thats real on here xD

Hi what is that suppose to mean? Please be more specific when replying Smile

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