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Add business to google maps?

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I watched all those tutorials on YouTube and read a ton of articles that talk about same steps that are not longer work #GooglePlaces no longer exist! When I go to #GoogleBusiness I get redirected to the page within all my #GooglePlus pages!

How to do it?
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1) Go to google[dot]com/business/ and click "Get on Google"
2) Enter city and address (Google Map)
3) Create G+ Company page
4) Enter info about your company, URL, working hours, logo, pictures
5) Claim your business (Google code verification)
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The process had changed now to add your business to #GoogleMaps you need to:

Go to Google My Business Locations:

Under Import locations click on Download the template then open this .csv file!

If you need more help with how to to do it click on: Learn how to create an import file or View a sample.

You don't have to fill-up all the info only the required:

Required fields
Store code
Business name
Address line 1
Postal code
Primary phone
Primary category

Additional fields
Address line 2
Additional phones
Additional categories
AdWords location extensions phone

Then once you have your file create click on: Select File To Upload

If any errors are detected Google will tell you to correct then it's easy!

Important! Google verification will send a postcard to your business address to verify it so make sure it's correct.
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I went to Google Places, signed in with my Google account and clicked “Add new business"

Google this topic

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