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Adsense sign in page?

ivan Offline referral

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Hi I am running a web site that is not avalible for guests you need to be a logged in user to have access to it's content now can I place ads in there I mean will Google Adsense be able to show ads begind login?
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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Don't worry about that just add the code and it will show! This could affect ad relevancy though since Google won't be able to crawl the content.
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SmallSeoToolz Offline referral

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Yeah! absolutely Google will show ads like Facebook. Means Facebook do not have any ads on home page although have ads in it interface means after login it shows its ads.
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prathyusha Offline referral

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I agree with marcus , but in webmaster tools you can submit login details as well i believe ..not sure though
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For detail to getting more ensure that Google adsense account not being approved very easily.

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