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Adwords ads not showing?

yava Offline referral

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I have my #Adwords campaign set up to show text ads and get the message saying that all text ads need to be reviews by ad specialist what does this mean how long does it take for ads to show?
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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Support Team
When you add new keywords you have to wait a few hours for them to get approved! Check later or tomorrow and the message should go away or say some other stuff!

Also make sure you ad score is average + and your bid is high of now ads will not show!
MarkBlack6Adv Offline referral

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that means that your ads need to be checked and approved before being shown.
It could take some days. If for some reason your ads do not get approved you probably crossed Google Adwords' guidelines and you will need to review your ads.
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It may be your ads keywords is not relevant and your landing pages is not design properly.
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you are using normal account?
if you use a more prestigious accounts, the parties will work faster google about your campaign

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