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Adwords free credit?

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How can I get adwords free credit without spending any money with a promo code?
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There are many web hosting and other online services that will give you a free Google Adwords coupon when you signup for them!

Contact Adwords and tell them that you wanna create a new account and request a coupon that will give you free $75 when you spend $25
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This is the link which is provide by google to get coupon of the 75$ http://www.google.co.nz/adwords/coupons/ you can change this link as you need to coming from the several country.
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i have never heard about free adwords credit.
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(11-04-2015 05:42 PM)devshare Wrote:  i have never heard about free adwords credit.

Adwords offers free credits the amount varies depending on the country of your origin for new clients. In US is spend $25 and get $75 for free.

Google this topic

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