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All in On SEO pack vs Yoast SEO

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heya guys,
I'm currently using Yoast seo to optimize Sport equipment website.
Lately I've been reading reviews that indicate that All in one seo pack is much better for all kind of reasons.

I'm looking for any tips / opinions as to with is better ? and for what ?
MellErhurd Offline referral

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i'm using All in one SEO for a 10 years, and never had a desire to change the plugin!
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Both plugins have their advantages:
All in SEO better to use as its older yoast plugin & people are aware of it, so they normally follow all in one SEO first, this plugin is compatible with almost every theme available in wordpress. but its not show any status of our current Onpage nor it give any update about the onpage status after installing newer or latest version
on the other hand SEO Yoast show status of our current onpage for pages n posts
So both plugins have their own advantages and 1 can try of his/her choice
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Both plugins are well used in wordpress. These help in technical SEO, yoast latest version makes site slow so you can go with On SEO pack
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Both plugins are essential but I do recommend yoast, this is commonly use in wordpress.

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