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seo is important for business, be mindful of the best keywords and tags for your posts, but don't let this content distract from writing posts that find interesting and unique. The more frequently post, the more content and links will build over time and share to get more visits and exposure blog will get naturally.
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From the last year Google decided to get rid of RP (page-rank) only cause they decided to calculate the website value based on its content.

Website with no content or with a bad one will get kicked out of the rankings Wink

Why bother with counting backlinks that black hat SEO experts can generate easily now if you have content your SEO is happy if not well use your imagination.

Don't even think about re-writing, spinning or posting duplicate content that will backfire big time!
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Content is king. you write good content you will success on SEO
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thank for nice posting .its very helpful to Serach engine optimazation
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Google or any other search engine focus only on Content. So you need to do content marketing.
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yes actually this is good Posting...Now a days all browsers give importance to the unique content

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