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Any good and cheap mobile traffic sources?

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Where can I get cheap if possible free mobile traffic? Are you aware of some top traffic sources?
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Support Team
Here is a list of mobile traffic sources:

Google Adwords
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In my opinion, admob is the best mobile traffic source list. You should try it personally.
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But which is the free mobile traffic source
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(12-17-2014 06:53 AM)rida12 Wrote:  But which is the free mobile traffic source

You can follow people's advice or the best is to try each and every single of them them make a conclusion on which is better!
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Advertise on buzzcity they have very good advertising plan
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yes, social media is very best method to generate good and mobile traffic or visitors.
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Most of the people use smart phones and they do most of the suffering from mobile, So mobile is a best way to increase traffic.
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Advertise on social media platforms and buzzcity. They do have good advertise plan.
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I'm not quite sure if there is a free source for mobile traffic but if you want to invest, you can get it from Bluagile. They have a self-serve RTB platform which you could use

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