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Are Delicious links nofollow?

priya01 Offline referral

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Are Delicious links nofollow?
akashvajpayee Offline referral

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Yes delicious links are nofollow. Doing a bookmark and getting a backlink for delicious is really helpful.
Victor Dub Offline referral

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It doesn't matter that it is a nofollow link it will still be beneficial for your #SEO.
LaurenA Offline referral

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Just like they said nofollow links are good source of traffic, it still help in SEO so there's nothing wrong if you'll create an account with delicious.
anneroberts Offline referral

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Yes i agree with others Delicious is one of the best social bookmarking site. No doubt that provide no Follow links, but produce huge Traffic. so it mean it is not useless site.
jitenmazee Offline referral

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It is nofollow but i must say that it is useful from seo point of view.
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Yes delicious links are nofollow

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