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Hello webmaster. You and me we all know that to make website go up in rankings, reach Google top search results and get traffic it needs quality backlinks pointing to it. If you are asking how to get backlinks.... the answer is Article Submission.

Just is case you don't know this I am gonna reveal a seo trick that will make your submissions work really well.

Most of the people say that you need to get backlinks from relevant sites sure it's true but what important is the content that sounds the link!

In other words the link it self might not be relevant to the site but if the link is located in a content that is then this link will be a high quality one.

Now that you know how to get high quality backlinks the other issue we have to address is to get dofollow backlinks.

Well this part is a bit complicated case most of the article submission sites and directories don't really allow links or they are nofollow ones so the solution is to use dofollow forum like this one.

Here you can submit you article and get quality backlinks and traffic to website really fast and it's free!

You can use our forums or blog for submission:

Article Forum
Article Blog

Don't forget to take full advantage of our dofollow features like signature, home page, social media links etc.

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thanks for this forum and also for this thread.
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Thank YOU and everyone that is part of this community.
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thank you for such helpful post for newbies like me001_thumbup
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Oh... Thank you for mentioning Article submission of this forum. I will use them as you suggest. Thank you a lot
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Thank you @marcus for sharing such a blog creation on this site.
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Thank YOU every one and all of those which is part of this community.
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What abou the topics of the articles? Are there any specific? Or can I subit on any?
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oh. thank you so much. i'm looking for article submistion.

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