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Which is the best automated link building tool for seo?
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There are many but when you do that your website, that comes under black hat technique, then there is a chance to get website penalize. so try to do organic way backlinks which follows search engine guidelines.
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You may use tools like Linkio,SEMRush, Ahrefs. But be careful of using these tools, these are not white hat pratice, is you want consistent traffic for your website, only option is doing white hat SEO.
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Automated link building is not a right way and it is a Black Hat SEO Technique. If you follow this technique your website may be penalized, So I would suggest you make natural backlinks not automated.

Hope you understand.
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Automated link building is a Black Hat Seo Technique and not good for any website. It will hurt your SEO as well as your website rankings on Google..

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