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Automatic Backlinks Link Exchange Good or Bad for SEO?

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antony Offline referral

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Just want to know before using one of those. Are automatic backlinks and link exchange practices penalized by Google?
maya Offline referral

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If you get backlinks relative your niche/keyword or site then no you will not be penalized!
chod Offline referral

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Automatic backlinks and submission are considered spammy techniques. If you can't do it manually there is no reason to do it anymore. Manually done SEO will always out live automated SEO techniques.
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ivan Offline referral

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And what is automatic backlinks?
maya Offline referral

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Automatic backlinks is just a lazy way to get backlinks that have very little positive effect on SEO.
"Automatic backlinks is an online service that allows web masters and SEO professionals to exchange links"
victor Offline referral

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All backlinks relative to your niche or keywords you are targeting are the only backlinks you should trying to get and it doesn't matter how you get them!
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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Link Exchange is considered as spamming and it can have a devastating impact on your SEO? Google Panda and Google Penguin are out there to penalize websites involved in any forms of backlinks exchange!
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Automatic backlink is bad for seo, its a black hat seo scheme, so don't do automatic backlink strategy google will easily find it.

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