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I've created an online comparison portal where you can compare all kind or products on the bases of prices and features on CompareBox. Now I want to Create backlinks for my site what should I do?Undecided
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You can always try creating back links on website directories, forums like this and Q/A forums like Quora.
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Back link means incoming link to our site. It’s very important role play in your website ranking position in Search Engine Result Page. You can build high quality and your business niche backlinks, your website position automatically increased SERP.
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Do OffPage SEO and try to get backlinks from relevant High Authority websites. It will helps to improve your rankings on search results as well as organic traffic on your website..
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The backlinks is incoming links which coming to your website
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Write the right guest posts for the right sites. ...
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Basically, backlinks are those links from other websites that directs to your websites. 2 types of backlinks: Nofollow and Dofollow. Nofollow links are ignored by google but makes minimal effect. Dofollow links are those that weigh rankings in google. Dofollow links give you "link juice" and the more link juice you have, the higher Google will rank you.

You can get backlinks by simply commenting on blogs, forum postings, and guest posts.

Just don't be spammy, think about your comment/post/article, and connect with other bloggers.
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Find other related websites and contact them to make a guest posting.
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Follow the same quality link building activities
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A backlink for a given web resource is a link from some other website to that web resource. A web resource may be a website, web page, or web directory. A backlink is a reference comparable to a citation
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It is way to promote the website by incomming links
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First You have to do complete on-page SEO than start SEO Link-building techniques to increase its backlinks & traffic.

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