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Benefits of Creating Facebook Business Page

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Creating Facebook business page can get you more numbers of customers:
When we post something on our newly created Facebook business page our existing customers get a notification on their wall, where people in their network see it. This enhances the probability of driving more fans on the Facebook business page. These pages can also be integrated other social networking sites, which facilitates your brand reach.
When you create Facebook business page, it fuels Customer interaction
Facebook gives a platform to establish a conversational connectivity between a brand and its customers. This facilitates organizations to nourish and grow a better relationship and show their customers that we really care.
Facebook business page helps the business in Reputation management
The unmediated connection with the customers through their comments, share and feedback avails companies to have a deeper understanding of how their brand is performing online and offers a scope of betterment.
Creating Facebook business page helps in Branding
It is a common human nature, that people get hitched to things that please their eyes. Same is in the case of the Facebook business page, if you effectively optimize these pages, it can prove to bliss in building brand image among your targeted customers.

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Some major benefits of creating Facebook Business Page are that I know are:
  • To build customers
  • To promote products
  • To gain traffic to the site
  • To update latest information
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To get connected to worlds leading social media platform.
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Facebook is now considered as the top social media platform. So creating Facebook page will help you to increase your business by reaching to your target audience. Facebook also helps to increase your website traffic.
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Increased Exposure to Potential Customers. 1.19 BILLION USERS.
Gather More Leads.
Lower Your Marketing Expenses.
Reach a Targeted Audience.
Use Facebook Insights.
Build Brand Loyalty.
Increase Your Web Traffic.
Boost SEO.
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I actually don't think that creating a facebook page is about driving customers to your site or to make purchases...at least not directly.

I think facebook pages (and all social media) serve as a marketing "touch" to your users. When you want an user to make a purchase, you must "touch" them X number of times - the number will vary depending on the purchase and industry - before they "feel" as though they've been asked to make a purchase. A facebook interaction, though not a hard sell, is a "touch."

So let's say you're selling your world famous grape jelly. The first time you tell someone about your grape jelly, they're unlikely to buy. Even the third, forth, fifth time...still unlikely to buy. Generally 7-10 times is what it takes for display ads to take effect. Facebook is a key way to get in a "touch" for this.

But ultimately if you set up a facebook page and you're spamming hard links to an order form, I think you're missing the real opportunity of brand exposure. When was the last time you seriously made a purchase because of something that popped into your FB feed?
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Thank you for the information.
Some of the benefits of creating Facebook business page are:
Free connection to potential customers
Both Facebook users and non-Facebook users can view business page
Can share company's webpages, newsletter, images, videos and schedule events
By consistently updating pages we can keep customers informed and remain relevant
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Facebook give identity and publicity for business. I listed my business as a best interior decorators in Nagpur to get people easy to find me.
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Business page will tell you about products and offers and even your post can be sponsored with little investment
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creating Social media page will help you to increase your business by reaching to your target audience.
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1. it increases chances for the business to be exposed in front of potential customer.
2. it helps to get in touch with more and more people or competitor.
3. we can gather more and more leads.
4. its free to create the business page and also marketing on it so marketing expenses gets lower.
5. its helps us to target the proper public.
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It can helps you to increase your website traffic and increase also the exposure on your potential customer.
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To help to reach customers worldwide. To promote your business. Business accounts also help you connect with other social media.
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It's not a benefit, is a must-have. It won't promote your business directly, but it helps people to find you! Also, facebook reviews might have an important factor. I check restaurants on facebook regularly Smile
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It helps to bring traffic to your website. There are some benefits of the business page.
1- Fast and easy Bussiness deals/Transaction
2- Easy to promote your product
3- Increase customer interaction
4- Accessible Bussiness Background
5- Strong Connection
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Facebook is the largest social media site where billions of users are available. If you want to run a successful online business, FB business page can be a good way. You can target huge customers and make a lot of money online.
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To create a successful Facebook page takes commitment. It gives brands an unparalleled opportunity to reach their target audience so make sure your content is designed for your niche
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It depends a lot on the field you're in. For hosting products for example, it's rather useless. For fasion, i heard it works very well.
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Facebook page is the one of the effective method to enhance your business growth.
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(05-25-2018 07:19 PM)moazzem28 Wrote:  Facebook is the largest social media site where billions of users are available. If you want to run a successful online business, FB busines...

You are right.But they are asking about what are the benefits of facebook business page.
please reply on this asap...

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