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Best PS4 game?

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If you own a Play Station 4 console what are best games in your opinion?
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It depends what you like to play. If you like shooter games, battlefield 1 and call of duty 3 are pretty great. I don't play much anymore.
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Has to be GTA: Grand Theft Auto Vice City
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Ghosts would of been a better game if the maps were a lot better. For me Ghosts had the worst collection of maps in all COD games.
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(02-07-2017 09:29 PM)archhosting Wrote:  It depends what you like to play. If you like shooter games, battlefield 1 and call of duty 3 are pretty great. I don't play much anymore.

Well, i like to play driving games with high speed cars, difficult targets and amazing graphics that's why i am already a big fan of <REMOVED> which is great list of driving games.
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There's no denying it: 2017 need been a uncommon quite a while to those Ps4. RPGs have been made on new statures (thanks to Bayek's climbing skill) with Assassin's doctrine Origins, those MMO fate 2 need brought together another era of Warlocks, Hunters, What's more Titans, What's more we've seen maybe the mossycup oak unique idea in a considerable length of time come to fulfillment much appreciated to Horizon: zero Dawn's wonderfully rich post-post whole-world destroying globe. There's no superior occasion when with be a Ps4 owner, Anyway with the individuals four amusements joining hordes for titles now accessible looking into Sony's support its challenging with realize which ones need aid worth your the long run.
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I don't like Ps4 GAme bt also Like ground Games
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Another flaming news just came out, and it's called Death Stranding. At The Game Show Awards, we could see new footage from the game. Looks like Hideo Kojima himself made an appearance, alongside his main protagonist, Norman Reedus. Looks like PlayStation has a new candidate for the best VG on this console generation. No concrete gameplay footage yet, but cinematics were intriguing enough nonetheless.
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Towerfall: Ascension, if you have friends and a couch to play on. Mad amounts of fun. If you mean online, though... well, still Towerfall: Ascension because of the new aspect that allows you to play offline, couch co-op games with people over the internet, anywhere.

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