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Best backlinks submiter?

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destroyer Offline referral

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Guys could you tell me which is the best free backlinks submiter?
maya Offline referral

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I don't recommend using this free backlinks submiter stuff
chod Offline referral

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None are good. Avoid at all costs.
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Try Internet Business Promoter 12 seems to work great and has many useful SEO tools
daikaads Offline referral

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Always choose the manual method for getting the backlinks. Tools won't help you get the result rather it might make the result to go worst.
andrewskyler Offline referral

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He doesn't ask for free backlink, he asks for a submit tool
I suggest Google webmaster, slow but effective
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Using free tools you can face spammers and get only harm for your site. If you don't have much money on SEO you should have at least time for it to do everything manually.

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