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Best mind refreshing tips

jamesjennifer Offline referral

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What is your Best mind refreshing tips, please share some views ??
Victor Dub Offline referral

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My trick to remember stuff is to memorize it as a picture not sure why but I can remember the image and the the whatever I associated with it just jumps up.
cholekyt Offline referral

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1. Get regular physical activity.
2. Eat heart-healthy foods.
3. Take time every day for an activity that you enjoy
ethany Offline referral

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I have searched on the Internet and follow my experience there are some way for you here:
1. Add exercise to your routine.
2. Plot out your day in advance.
3. Do your top three to-dos first.
4. Finish what you start.
The_Solver Offline referral

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You have to find something that relaxes you and restores your creative energy - be it painting or boxing!
mantishugo Offline referral

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Drink a glass of fresh fruit juice. It contain vitamins, minerals, and things which are not present in your daily meal.
Drink a glass of Goji Berry Juice. It helps in preventing many health ailments.
Danielle Browning Offline referral

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I think long driving is the best for mind Refreshing

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