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Best practice to build backlinks

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For good Page Rank in google or other search engine, one of the core requirement of seo is backlinks, means your blog/website should have links on other website which tell search engine about its reputation. So, for good seo one has build lots of back links, for this a good clean practice should be performed.

There are a lot of automated link building services out there. Many of which are considered “gray hat” seo techniques, for they use content spinning mechanisms to mass publish articles that contain backlinks. This is considered “unnatural” seo link building.

Although these approaches to backlink building do work, one should not consider them the best practices. This because as soon as you stop paying for automated link building, the rankings you earned from such services will not hold.

This lens describes three natural and non-automated methods to build backlinks to your money sites, and without having to drop a single dime. Additionally, we will support these best practices techniques with a few preliminary ideals regarding the importance of PageRank and link anchor text.
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Pretty cool SEO advice, automated link building what is it? does it make use of social media sites? I mean I need relative backlinks not from some URL checking tool.
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And what makes your automated link building service different from others. What do you offer how much does it cost, are any of those backlinks dofollow?
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I would not recommend automated backlink submission, the best backlinks are those that come from high authority, niche-relevant websites.
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Off Page SEO is the best techniques to create quality backlinks.
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