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Best top ranking high PR (PageRank) web-site directories?

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I would like to submit my website to web-directories to get some quality backlinks. Do you know some good, high PR and high ranking website directories?
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I would focus on other things aside from web directories if I were you. The only web directory really worth submitting into would be DMOZ. At this day in age focus on submitting into citation sites like Yelp, YellowPages, Manta..etc.
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They are,
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Directory critic can be a good website. Make sure to add your website in the right category.
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These websites are high pr website directory-
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Following is the list of best PR directory sites
1) hotvsnot
2) dmoz
3) submissionwebdirectory
4) usgeo
5) scrubtheweb
6) promotebusinessdirectory
7) a1webdirectory
8) somuch
9) online society
10) directoryworld
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