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Best way of content research

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please define any 4 methods of content research and optimization ..
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I use Google Adwords Keywords Planner Tool to get an idea about the keywords that have high search volume and low competition. Then I use my service to get content relevant to those keywords spin them and publish Smile
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With me, I do these tasks:
Find longtail keywords
Metering search volume
Creating data sheet
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Research for What are websites publishing, and what are people sharing?
What is trending in your business niche.
Google trends, Google keyword planner, Google alerts are most widely use tools to find new content.
Look for audience response, shares, comments for the content.
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First of all you need to do some research on the topic that people gets to talk about,
Read some content related to your chosen subject.
Use google planner for keyword research.
Write it in an audience perspective, since they will be the one to read it.
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In content research/optimization, you optimize content according to your targeted keywords. Insert keywords smartly in your content so that it doesn't look spammy or stuffy. That's why a content writer should has the knowledge of SEO and content writing so that he/she can easily write the optimized content with complete SEO perspective.

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