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Bing & Yahoo vs. Google - Who's the best?

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Google well there is no need to explain why Google is the best and the most used search engine but my question is about Bing and Yahoo search engines how do the still manage to compete with Google what do the have that make users want to use then?
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Bing and Yahoo are second and third mostly used search engines, many Internet marketers use them for advertising also now that Bing Maps had been released many will use it to add their business to Bing Maps, they have everything Google has so why don't used them?
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Yes Bing and Yahoo maybe second and third mostly used search engines but in comprising to Google it much harder to get your website indexed and get traffic form them than for Google
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Google is the king of search engine
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Bing and Yahoo use different algorithms compared to Google. This means results will not always be the same. If you have aligned your site to the Bing and Yahoo algorithms but not Google then this could be the cause of lower Google rankings. Google is by far the more progressive search engine, keeping up with Google’s latest algorithm updates can be challenging.
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I use Google!

Google this topic

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