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Black hat seo techniques that still work?

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What are the black hat techniques and tactics that are proven to still work and do fine job increasing website Google rankings?

#blackhat #seo
ethanmillar Offline referral

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I don;t think any black hat SEO technique work for getting good search engine result pages.

If it work then for the temporary time after Google updating there strong algorithm then your site surely penalized.

So, I suggest to avoid any types of black hat seo techniques.

Kalsoom Offline referral

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1-Parasite Hosting
Create high quality page with keyword stffing URL,

2- Cloaking & Redirects
Rapidsoft technologies Offline referral

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it's illegal and will be caught by Google algorithm very easily.
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How about PBN Private blog network seems to be doing good job slow but SEO is not something you can call a fast process Smile
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working but you need to know how to use in correct manner otherwise google slapped you.
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I don't know about black hat SEO technique, after reading this post knew about few technique of black hat SEO.

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