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Buy and sell real-state properties still profitable business?

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Not long time ago flipping (buy low sell high) real-state properties, homes, houses was pretty profitable business but after the market sunk many dealers took huge looses. I am wondering if the market has recovered enough for me to get it and start making some money?
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Are you referring to the U.S real state market or what?

Flipping properties was always a great business for those who knows how to buy low and sell high making huge profit from the seal I guess you have to give it a try to see how the market feels like these days.
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you should try
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Real estate can bring you up there, if there is one business that can help you become a millionaire. Real estate can be one of them.
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Have an App for Real Estate for more effective result.
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One of the best apps and getting more information from this post. Thanks!

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