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Can You Tell Me Some Black Hat Seo Techniques?

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Can You Tell Me Some Black Hat seo Techniques?
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1.) Comment spam. Many people preach against it and says it doesn't work, but these people are also the same people who have never tried it. It works if done correctly, by utilizing proper spintax you can comment spam effectively without causing any issues.

2.) Guest Blogging. It is now seen as a black-hat SEO technique. I have no idea why, but I guess it's because of all the abuse it has taken over the past few years

3.) Tiered link building. It still works to game link juice, IF done correctly. I can go into depth on this and I'll be typing till I'm blue so I suggest you do your own research on this one...

4.) PBN's. Private Blog Network, not Public Blog Network. Build your own and don't buy links from "PBN's" as these are no longer "PBN's" when anyone can buy links from a network.
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Unrelated Keywords. ...
Keyword Stacking and Keyword Stuffing. ...
Tiny Text, Hidden Text, and Hidden Links. ...
Cloaking. ...
Doorway Pages or Gateway Pages. ...
Bait-and-Switch or Page Swapping. ...
Duplicate Content or Mirror Site. ...
Spam Blogs or Splogs.
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duplicate content
doorway pages
hidden text
keyword stuffing
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Cookie Stuffing or Cookie Dropping
Social Networking Spam
URL Hijacking
Link Farms
Referrer Spam
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keyword text and hidden links are black hat techniques
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Keyword stuffing, Cloaking, Hidden texts, Doorway pages are Blackhat technique.
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Private Blog Network (PBN):
Link Exchange:
Link buying:
Keyword stuffing:
Blog commenting:
Forum Posting:
Content Farming:
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i would not recommend using black hat techniques,
it's possible that one day your site will vanish from search results after some random google algorithm update
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Black Hat SEO Technique: Black hat seo technique does not follow sear engine guide lines. If you follow this technique initially your website is good position in SERP but in long run your website is not visible to SERP, that means your website is permanently deleted in SERP.

Some black hat seo techniques are:
1. Keyword Stuffing
2. Cloaking
3. Doorway Pages
4. Duplicate Content
5. Paid Links
6. Article Spinning
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Excess use of Anchor text
Wrong use of keyword in title
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Some black hat SEO techniques are:

Duplicate Content
Doorway Pages
Keyword Stuffing
Buying links

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