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Can i get more traffic from Pinterest?

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sofia901 Offline referral

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Hi! there! can anybody tell how will get traffic from Pinterest? Should we concentrate on the image part or content?
fisherjames731 Offline referral

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Yes, you can get traffic from Pinterest. Set up relevant boards with keywords in mind and fill them with cool pins.
weddingsbyneerajkamra Offline referral

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Yes, Pinterest is more valuable to get quality traffic on your site.. Created good content with pictures.
dombowkett Offline referral

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You have to upload all your website pins on your Pinterest Board to drive traffic from them.
sinelogixtech Offline referral

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Have a good quality content with relevant pictures of better quality.
sankalppatil Offline referral

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Yes,Pinterest is currently 19th in the United States and 58th in the world for traffic volume. This site gets a tremendous amount of traffic, and those users are known to visit the site regularly and to purchase products and visit websites they see there.
bennsmith Offline referral

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Yes, You can. That is the best social media platform where you can post your services and can get organic traffic. You can post hassle-free on it.
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Most definitely, Pinterest gets lots of traffic and when you post interesting, original photos on the site, you could get a direct link back to your website. It is good for SEO as it creates backlinks as well as boost traffic.

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