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Canonical Tag for Category Pages

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Hello everyone,

I have little confusion about using canonical tag.

I have one eCommerce based website like:
abc [.] com

I have so many products in website appear like:
abc [.] com [/] product1
abc [.] com [/] product2
abc [.] com [/] product3

Now I have created one category like "democategory" and placed these products in this category, now my product pages seems like:
abc [.] com [/] democategory [/] product1
abc [.] com [/] democategory [/] product2
abc [.] com [/] democategory [/] product3

Here, these both product pages contain same content.

But abc [.] com [/] democategory [/] product1 is important for me and I want to use this page in search result.

So I want to use canonical tag but I don't know, on which page I can use this canonical tag?

Which one is correct?

ref="canonical" href="abc [.] com [/] democategory [/] product1"
ref="canonical" href="abc [.] com [/] product1"

And where to put this canonical tag?

Kindly reply me soon.

(sorry, I placed DOT and SLASH in bracket because of site site rules. But hope you got my point in my post
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If you can access some page from different url then you have to pick one that is default one to avoid duplicate penalty.

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