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Cellphone review sites make money?

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Cell phones are pretty cool and many of us want the bets, newest and the coolest ones and this made me wonder if they are so popular among people the website dedicated to reviewing them must get a ton of traffic and where there is traffic there is money to be made right. Do this websites get traffic and if so how they make money I don't think PPC is allowed on those?
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Yes they get a ton of traffic and you can use PPC networks on them because you are not selling anything you juts reviewing products.
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Nice! Yes of course they do
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Are you saying I can start a blog on that topic and monetize the content with Adsense?
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Any site can make money if it is selling a product. You will need to create trust for the product in question and draw users to your site. The hardest part is drawing users I would say. I've found that Youtube is a great resource to get direct users and in terms of Google ranking, high pr links can increase ranking drastically if done properly.
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Yes, forums are index by search engine depending on various parameters. Forums must both have quality and quantity of links.

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