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Cheap online brokers?

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I wanna try making money on stock market right but it seems you can't just buy stocks since you don't have a license or something to do that you need to do it though a stock broker right but it seems they charge pretty high commission.

What brokers are the best and cheapest to hire?
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Be careful when dealing with cheap brokers case there is gotta be a reason they have such a low rate. When investing money it's better to be save than cheap and hire well known professionals if you don't wanna get ripped off.
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hello friends,
The online brokerage account you use to trade stocks and exchange-traded funds can have a big impact on your investment expenses and trading capabilities. Whether your goal is to lower costs such as trade commissions or gain access to better research or a larger selection of asset classes, NerdWallet researched the options to find the best available. Here are our picks, divided by category to help you quickly find the right online broker for you.
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Great info.

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