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Current Online Marketing Technique

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what is the best online marketing technique now a days, please share some valuable tips ?
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It totally depends on the type of product or a service you are marketing in the internet. If I am selling websites and domain names I cant use the same as for selling clothing Smile

"To make money you have to spend some" once you realize that this is the rule to follow you will understand internet marketing or any marketing for this matter!

Invest into SEM (search engine marketing). The thick is not to spend less but to get high conversion rate which means that most of your paid visitors will end up buying your stuff.
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SEO is most important aspect in today's marketing.
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Publish Great Content, Create Instructional Videos, Get Ad Promo Credits, Reddit,Stumble Upon Advertising, Be a Savvy Social Networker,Develop a Customer Referral Online Contests.These are helpful Programs for us.
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Online marketing is the best technique to present a particular business in front of your targeted audiences. By doing video marketing, content marketing, running ads on television, could be helpful to show your existence in the online world easily and this is very powerful to attain huge traffic on a website quickly.
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The current online marketing techniques are:-
Content Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Mobile friendly Content
YouTube Marketing
Build Traffic generators
Building Microsites
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Social media and Pay per click. Social media needs your patience cause it takes time and you have to put lots of effort on it. Pay per click is pretty good to gain organic traffic in a short period of time but first you have to own enough budget for it and research a bit about the best keyword for you ad.
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promote your site in many online advertising forum with good google rank
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More and more webmasters are now using social media site as an effective way to driving traffic to your website in an effective way.
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(05-20-2015 09:49 AM)randiv Wrote:  what is the best online marketing technique now a days, please share some valuable tips ?

Attraction maketing and content marketing
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Publish articles or get listed in news stories.
Write and publish online press releases.
Facilitate and run contests and giveaways via your web site.
Blog and interact with your visitors.
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I think Social media marketing is the key to success for any business today online.
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SEO, is still a good marketing technique. You can also do social media marketing. It takes a lot of hard work, passion and dedication. Set your goal and use the right medium and you will surely achieve success on your website.
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SEO On-page is very necessary to optimize any website. Without proper On-page SEO, you can’t get rankings of your website in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). In this blog, you will get latest SEO On-page techniques:

-Two keywords domain name

-Domain Age (Website presence in Search engines)

-Directory Structure (Path structure)

-Website Index or cache status

-Alexa Rank (Locally or Globally)

-Page rank (PR)

-Number of Quality backlinks
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social media and guest posting best of the best technique for earn backlink.
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You need to choose appropriate keywords and seo them well .
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Today world, factor on social media like : Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and many more..........

Social media marketing is very important for us for increase the sales and build up brand value in quick session.

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