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Data for Email Marketing

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Hello dear,
I want to do email marketing then how can i find the data for email marketing. Can any suggest for it ?
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Most of the #emailmarketing services offer free #HTMLEmailTemplates if that's what you mean by DATA.
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One of the most important aspects of a marketing campaign such as a direct mail campaign is getting the mail with the right information to the right person who has a need of your product or service. An accurate mailing must include the prospect's history of purchasing, a demographic match with the target customer and information about the prospects recent purchases. There are different types of business mailing list available in the market today. These business contact database must include all the needed information and must be accurate. If you are outsourcing this type of service look for a company that has a system in place, that allows for the most up to date and accurate information.

You need to ensure that you are targeting the right audience with your accurate business mailing lists. Have your list provider send a report showing the exact demographics being pulled. It is always a good practice to check that your list report and geography are selected correctly.

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You can find on Google, their are lot of companies who provides email marketing data.
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I think you need to buy it from data provider for once, or you need to contact people from classified sites, social sites, dating sites. Or contact schools, college, university for gathering mail ids.
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You are better off collecting your own emails by creating a funnel OP. It will be hard to buy a double opt-in email list online but there are companies out there, it's just that it will be hard to find such legitimate companies.
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find in Google
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To get leads ( mail of users) you can buy or using blog to attract them
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Data HQ combines the UK's most comprehensive mailing and email lists with expert customer insight and database management services for successful .Email Marketing Services & Solutions from Exact Data allow clients set up email campaigns to achieve branding, retention and ROI objectives

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