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Dedicated Server Best for Online Shopping Website?

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I created a small online shopping website, and the visitors are increasing faster and faster now. Do I need host my website on a small dedicated server now? Anyone can offer some suggestion? How is vpb llc provider? Thanks
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Well to have your website up all the time and running smooth is better to have a good hosting plan! However it all comes to dollar figure!

If your #onlineshop brings good money then yes go for the best hosting plan you can afford!

The problem with hosting the site on some basic plan is case in many cases it will not have enough power to handle large amount of traffic yet costs a ton of money! If you're really thinking about VPS or Dedicated hosting then I can recommend you the "reseller server hosting" that offers real performance for a fraction of what dedicated or VPS server cost!
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Amazon is as dedicated as any other website for online.
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You have to understand this comparison:
Share hosting
VPS hosting
cloud hosting
Dedicated server
If you want to get a dedicated server, your site is big and heavy. \
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Dedicated Servers For eCommerce Websites | Full Service ISP providing Online shopping has been growing steadily, with recent research showing over 65% of a much better choice to consider a dedicated server for a number of reasons.
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go to amazon its good

Google this topic

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