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Define Meta Tags

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Can anyone define all four meta tags and its character limits here?
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Title is the first phrase you see as a search result.
Meta title tag limit is 60–65 character.

Description of your website.
Meta description limit is 150–155 character.

Keyword is a Most important word to use on specific page.
Meta keyword tag latest limit not more than 10 keywords.

Robot Tag Allows robots to crawl your website.
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meta tags are tags placed within the head section of your website code that help define the contents of a web page to the search engine bots.

Meta Tags are:
Meta Title
Meta Description
Meta Keywords
Meta Robots
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1. Title - 65 to 70 characters
<title>Title text here</title>

2. Description - 120 to 158 characters
<meta name=”description” content=”This is where you put your site’s summary”/>

3. Keywords - The Meta keywords tag is ignored, so in that sense has NO LIMIT.
<meta name=”keywords” content=”SEO, Web developer, Mobile App Development Company etc”/>

4. Robots - It's a tag that tells search engines what to follow and what not to follow
<meta name="robots" content="index, follow" />
<meta name="robots" content="noindex, nofollow" />
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Meta title:55
Meta description : 160
Meta keywords: 255
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There are so many types of Meta Tags in SEO but i have discuss few of them.

Meta Description Tag :
Meta description latest limit is 150–155 character.

Meta Title Tag:
Meta title tag latest limit is 60–65 character.

Meta Keyword Tag:
Meta keyword tag latest limit not more than 10 keywords.

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