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Define some Off page SEO techniques?

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Offpage Optimization. Offpage optimization refers to all the measures that can be taken outside of the actual website in order to improve its position in search rankings. These are measures that help create as many high-quality backlinks (incoming links) as possible.
Some of the best and popular SEO Activities:-
1. Guest posting
2. Blog comment
3. Article sharing
4. Video submission
5. Business Listing
6. Guest posting
7. Blog Posting
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Guest posting, Article sharing, Infographics, Business listing, Directory Submission and so on.
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SEO Off page activity

Article submission
Blog submission
Classified submission
Local business listing
PPT Sharing
Question answering
Content posting
Images sharing
Video sharing
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Some of the best and popular SEO off page activities:
1. Guest posting
2. Article sharing
3. Blog Posting
4. PPT Slide Sharing
5. Infographic Submission
6. Video Submission and Sharing
7. PDF & Docs Sharing
8. Social Bookmarking
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Some Off Page Techniques:
Blog Posting
Social Bookmarking
Classified Ads
Social media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc posting)
Guest Posting
Business Listing
Web 2.0 Submission
Image Submission ( If required )
Video Posting & Promotion ( If required )
Forum Posting
Press Release
Quora question answering
Article Publishing
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The Best SEO Off-Page Techniques are:
1. Social bookmarking
2. Directory submission
3. Classified Ads
4. Local business listing
5. Forum posting
6. PPT Submissions
7. QNA(question and answer)
8. Web2.0
9. Blog writing and submission
10. Infographics
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SEO Off page Activity

Article submission
Blog submission
Classified submission
Directory submission
Images sharing
Video sharing
Local Business listing
Content posting
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Off page SEO is an Off site process where you can conduct a link building. Well link building is a off page techniques where you can participate on a forum posting, social bookmarking site and even on social media sites, submission of directory, article, press release, posting of blogs, and there's a lot more. Link building is a process where you can conduct more high quality back link and this is also a process where you can control your ranking on SERP.
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