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Difference between web hosting and cloud hosting?

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I want to know the difference between web hosting and cloud hosting. Which is best? And what are the cost of it?
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hosting will host your website for your plan subscription and cloud hosting is might be free
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Well web hosting is the just term which refer as hosting your website online. Cloud hosting consist of two type:

  1. Managed Hosting: A user define term which means that back end activity are managed by some technical professional.
  2. Un-Managed Hosting: Actually un-managad hosting means that you have to look after everything by your own. Most common example: A computer without windows.

I am assuming that you are using WordPress as your CMS. Technology is getting better and better a single second delay can cost you lose your potential customer. There are 3 major type of WordPress hosting like: Shared, Dedicated and Cloud. But the most reliable and fastest is cloud due to modern infrastructure.

Usually Cloud hosting starts from $10. Few well-know cloud hosting providers are: Kinsta, Cloudways, FlyWheel. All the best
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I think you're comparing apples and oranges, OP.

There are lots of types of servers (cloud, VPS, dedicated, etc.) that can be used for a variety of purposes (web hosting, VOIP, games, etc.)

Cloud hosting (a type of server) can certainly be used for web hosting (a purpose for a server.)

So they're not inherently different at all. One is a tool (cloud) that and one is something you use a tool for (web hosting.)

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