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Digital singe market?

maxout Offline referral

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It sucks big time that you can't watch movies or download digital material like ebooks, music cause of geo blocking.

Do you think it would be better not to have any limitations and be able to have an access to any type of legal material from anywhere in the world?
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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Sure it would be great idea. Do you know that you can bypass GEO-Blocking by simply using proxy server that has that country IP address!

The same problem applies to copyrights and trademark protection that has to be filed for each country which increases the cost dramatically.
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Yes and no - they geo-restrict because some countries are not as profitable and are hard to monetize by upselling or selling ads. For example, users in India/Pakistan are less likely to transact and the value of their transactions would be less than selling to someone in the US/Europe because of the currency exchange rate.
Erin Nagata Offline referral

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I think it will be a chaotic one. Boundaries should be respected as well as legalism. There are things that we can't just have an access with without noticed from the owner.
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I think it would be not beneficial for any website because there should be some protocols for every website which is very beneficial for that website. Legal materials are very confidential and if we make it to access from any where in the world then it will create problems for website.
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A Digital Single Market (DSM) is one in which the free movement of persons, services and capital is ensured and where the individuals and businesses can seamlessly access and exercise online activities under conditions of fair competition.Be Easily Searched OnlineIt can promote modern open government.
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The internet and digital technologies are transforming our world. But existing barriers online mean citizens miss out on goods and services, internet companies and start-ups have their horizons limited, and businesses and governments cannot fully benefit from digital tools.

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