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Do you know about CMS website?

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Thank you, This is very Infoirmative..
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CMS means content management system which are the frameworks which is used to develop the php website in more easy and fast way.
this are some CMS example.:
- wordpress
- joomla
- laravel
- codeigniter
- drupal
- magento
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A CMS (Content Management System) is a program that supports the creation, management, distribution, and publishing of information on a site. A standard Content Management System will be able to index data, and retrieve this information as requested. CMSs provide a simple, and easy way to create and publish content on the web without the need of additional programming.
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(10-28-2016 09:23 AM)Victor Dub Wrote:  CMS like WordPress is awesome lets you manage all your content from one place ;)

A few years back, the only way for you to develop a website, was to write all the HTML and CSS codes by hand. These days are however over, thanks to the modern and quickly developing content management systems. This article will be a short beginners guide to content managements systems. I will try to explain what]CMS is all about, and give you some examples of popular content management systems.

A content management system will make your life as a website developer a whole lot easier, as you will not need to be an expert in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and MySQL to make a highly professional website. Writing the code for a whole website by hand is however still a good way of creating websites, since it will allow you to create unique and customized sites. Off course, if you don't have the time nor patience to learn web development languages, then content management systems is the perfect choice for you - especially if your are a beginner!
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All You Need to Know About Content Management Systems. If you need to create a website for your business, event, or portfolio, you are probably hearing the word CMS pop up during your research. That's because a CMS, or content management system, can be an important part of creating your website.
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I really like your article, you describe everything about the CMS in details. It is really useful for the beginners like us.
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Magento is the best eCommerce platform for their needs because of its flexibility and many other reasons. So, here is the list of Magento advantages which work wonders...

Magento is the best CMS.
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Really good information help many peoples to manage there content.

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