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Do you think graphic industry is revolutionizing with the tech releases every day?

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Hello friends. I would like to share some advice and hear your feedback on this very hot topic of today. As you all know every second of time the tech masterminds are busy in bringing revolution to the turf of graphic design and other relevant domains associated with it. However, according to a general survey of developers and designers all around the world, it has been notified on a larger amount that daily releases are not only easing the work but simultaneously introducing more complexities to the design-oriented architects who are already too busy with their existing tasks.

However, the majority of custom logo design companies have given an opposite feedback to the above. For them, latest technologies are always welcoming and fascinating as their client's demands need to be fulfilled at any cost. However, it pisses off some designers who need to dig down deeper to take control of the latest tech-releases as well updated on a daily basis. Like recently, the mobile app developers are switching from traditional Objective C platform to Swift and other latest platforms but the case remains same here too. It certainly has lots of benefits to the design and development community but on the same hand, it has some cons too.

So, that’s where the poor designers are stuck in between. Who should they listen too or what trend should they follow in order to succeed at a hasty pace. I have personally been doing research and listening to experts what they had to say on this topic of heat. Anyways, you guys are more than welcome to let me know with your comments here whether if you are in favor or it or not?

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