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Does Google index display none content?

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ivan Offline referral

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I wanna add massive amount of optimized with my keywords content to my website but I don't wanna show it for users only to be in the website source code.

Since Google only reads web-page code I am wondering if it will use that content and boost my seo?
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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It might index such content but I doubt it will be used in rankings since this is a know black hat SEO technique.
Johnvereen Offline referral

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I am also having same problem. I did index my site in google but i show robot txt. Feeling very uneasy..
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marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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You can simply use CSS to position the content in such way that it will show off-page!


It's better that display:none; cause the content is showing but not on the page and since Google only reads code it will don't have any issues with it!
Jessica Offline referral

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Google trusts and ranks pages which people trust, and now a days it is important to create quality content for visitors and not for the search engines.
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Yes,same here.
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- Yahoo and google trusts along with has a high ranking websites which often people trust, along with execute you have to develop good quality information pertaining to site visitors rather than pertaining to google.

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