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Duplicate Content

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How to avoid duplicate content?
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Fixing duplicate content issues all comes down to the same central idea: specifying which of the duplicates is the "correct" one.

Whenever content on a site can be found at multiple URLs, it should be canonicalized for search engines. Let's go over the three main ways to do this: Using a 301 redirect to the correct URL, the rel=canonical attribute, or using the parameter handling tool in Google Search Console.
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Check out this: activemarketing.com/blog/archive/5-ways-to-avoid-duplicate-content/
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Duplicate content is not good for SEO. Check your duplicate content by using copyscape.
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if you are rewriting content from other sites then make sure to check plagiarism of the content. if you use spinner tool a lot your content will be marked as spam

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Get More Information about Duplicate content!!
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copyscape is a good tool to check for duplicate content.
google might not display pages with duplicate content on search results.

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