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Poll: EU cookie law?


EU cookie law what do you think?

surenot Offline referral

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Since EU released this stupid (sorry for the expression) cookie law/legislation the webmasters are freaking out because they are not sure if they need to adopt it and show compliance message on their site or not. Anyways what do you think was that a good idea and the web really need this legislation or it was totally wrong?
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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The EU cookie law is not against all websites that use cookies but only against those who use them to collect personal information about users like track their internet navigation, cookie stuffing, all this collected information is then used in their advertising campaigns to make more money.

Now any website involved in cookie tracking has to ask the user to allow cookies to be used the otherwise they can't set cookie without user's permission.
victor Offline referral

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Many website used to track us with cookies to serve more targeted ads without us even knowing it thanks to Cookie law now is a crime. These days you have a choice of allowing or denying such thing.

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