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Does anyone make money with Youtube? I did but now it seems not efficient. Maybe there is something have to seo with the video?
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I am making a ton of money on YouTube with Adsense hooked up to my 8 channels.
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I haven't tried earning money using youtube but one thing is for sure you'll need to optimize it also for search engine. Description, title and keywords will be essential but most importantly the video itself.
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yes i do get earning from youtube you need to work hard alot like you need good quality video content and get good seo.
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all you have to do is upload many videos more then 2000 or 5000 and enable ads then you start getting money if anyone sees your videos.

when there are lots of videos then your channel becomes popular and shown in searches.
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i have only 6 videos and i hardly get views on my videos shall i have to upload like the same to get hits

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