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Easy ways to earn money on blogging?

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Share the easy tips for the bloggers(beginners) to earn money easily?
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First of all don't use WordPress free blog since they don't allow third party adverting! Use Blogger blog where you can make money with Adsense or other form of adverting it also allows you to upload your own templates and change design WordPress don't.

The other thing is to spend $15 on a domain name which will make your blog look more professional rater than promoting some other service by using their domain.
Make sure the domain name is relevant to the blog niche or keywords you plan to target.
Make sure to identify what keywords you are gonna target and stick to them 2 at most!
Don't make your website to look like a marketplace with all those ads keep it clean!
Publish regularly and make sure to submit your blog to Google and other major search engine with the sitemap.
Moderate comments to eliminate spam!

Don't give up as SEO takes time just keep pumping quality content into your site and you will get noticed!
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When starting a new blog or a website where you plan to publish content you have to first do a bit of research on the content you want to post on.

It has to be content that gets huge search volume and it's difficult to write about. There is point to get or rank on Google first page when only a few people search for what you got!
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You have to get a friendly web hosting provider so your website looks real and credible.
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You need to get your site developed with a good amount of content. Get some backlinks to build up the reputation on it and then do the following:
-Monetize with a PPC company
-Throw some affiliate banners up
-Sell homepage/blogpost text links

Any blog that has decent traffic and page authority should be able to make good money with those three things!
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Craft longtail keyword articles, and generate a few backlinks for them. Monetize them with adsense.
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i have a blog use blogspot of google. I had maked money from adsense. have 600-800 view/day on my blog. I earned very little money.
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If you want to publish content you have to do research on the content you want to post on. there is huge amount of content on the internet, by doing research you get help and after that you can publish your content. but your content should be unique not duplicate content.
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It think for earning through ads on a blog is quite difficult and not sufficient to earn one's daily butter and bread because you have to get more traffic there so that people could click on your ads.
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You can create social media websites that can help gain more audience going to your blog. Also, ask other bloggers to promote your like your pages.
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There is no single way to monetize blogs, There are no formulas, It takes a lot of work. First of all write some content on particular topics and then post it various website.
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Become a freelancer content writer..
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Advertise something (banners) + you can make paid review. There is plenty of PR managers looking for paid reviews about their companies these days.

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