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Effect of AI and Big Data on SEO

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Way back in 2015 when Google had added RankBrain in its algorithm it had paved the way for Artificial Intelligence in seo. Yes, you have read it right seo is getting affected by AI and this blog sheds light on the important developments that are taking place in the field of seo.

Beginning by Knowing AI-

AI also known as Artificial Intelligence is a broad term that covers those machine applications which have been provided artificial human intelligence because of which they can perform tasks like chess playing, driving a car and much more.

Search Marketers in 2018-

Search marketers have started employing AI, machine and deep learning systems for tasks like peeping into deeper insights, automation of tasks and bringing forth a new degree of personalization. All this is being done by marketers for prospect conversions and therefore mentioning that AI revolution has started will not be false.

While Artificial Intelligence is the talk and the future, this technology has come to light in the times of Big data and can help enterprises at large if used productively on the garnered data. So what is Big data?

Big Data represents a large volume of both structured as well as unstructured data that floods a business on a daily basis and that needs to be used by the businesses for better decision making and business strategies. Collection of data does not matter but instead what is done with it is something that Big Data focuses on. Under Big data, the data can be acquired from any source and can be used for reduction of cost, time, decision making and product development with optimized offerings. It is necessary for any analyzer to have an understanding of the type of data which is to be worked upon as an organization gets flooded with huge data.

Below are some more points about Big Data-

1. It includes more options for analysis of unique data
2. Data is stored in the cloud for easy accessibility
3. Social mediums are employed for individual data aggregation
4. There is a necessity of an infrastructure type for processing a large amount of data.
Amongst the Big Data companies, one of the major ones is Google and therefore it is expected that it would have a major impact on search.

Below are the ways in which Big Data is affecting seo-

a. Content is becoming Data- Generally content is nothing more than published information but as Google has become one of the major players of Big Data, therefore, content has turned into a quantifiable entity. This has also led to the structuring of the search engines because of which the semantic information is analyzed. This analysis is leading to the development of rich snippets and distinct results which is leading to better search activity.
b. Improvement in the possibility of acquiring deeper seo Insights- Search Engines like Google and others are working towards making content into quantifiable data and therefore marketers have acquired the flexibility to use the searched data for deeper insights. With Big Data the below points have become viable-

• Optimization for mobile
• Finding ROI on seo
marketing of Content
• Global seo
• Tracking and compliance with quality guidelines

All this is becoming possible because tracking and analysis of Keywords, Backlinks and other efforts are allowed and possible along Big Data.

c) Custom analytics is turning more exact- Any online marketer or seo aims for more conversions and with the help of Big Data analysis the correlation between important seo elements is becoming more and more precise. Tools like Google Search Console and others can be used for analysis of one’s own data in a large pool of content data. Once analyzed this analysis can be further employed for making content and creative adjustments based on the individualistic performance. Thanks to the highly technical analytical tools the tasks like click, conversions and others tracking is bigger and better.

d) Social Media has turned more important- Social Media boasts of millions and billions of users with varied platforms getting employed to interact. Big data engages huge data from all these sources to find important engagement info and help online marketers to take important business decisions.

Thus it will be right to conclude that Big Data is affecting the activity of seo to a large and it is clear upon the use of high-end artificial intelligence that best deductions could be made possible.

As mentioned above AI too is having an effect on seo which is to get deeper in coming years. Now let us talk about the same.

AI and its effect on seo-

Above we have mentioned how Big Data will help seo analyze huge Data for important marketing decisions, the next point talks of how AI will affect the activity and make it more precise.

Below are certain expected points-

Lesser Black Hat seo techniques- Black Hat seo techniques like keyword stuffing, over-optimized anchor text, low-quality content, link stuffing and others will not work because Google has added algorithms that are automatically penalizing those websites that are adhering to these techniques. Even if an seo turns to these methods then the web page or website is pulled and placed in a lower rank by Google by first identifying and then filtering the same. This all is getting possible through intelligent mechanism employed by Google and other search engines.

Availability of Bulk Real-Time Data- AI will impact the search engine optimization technique by making available bulk real-time data that will further get employed by first aggregating and organizing them and later use them in the right place. Here is how an organization will be using real-time data-

Real Time Price Changes-AI will aid in real-time price changes. One of the prominent example through which these real-time prices changes helps companies is of OLA who adjust their prices on the basis of the demand. This is something that assists these companies in making important business decisions.

Smart Customer Service- AI will allow for smarter customer service because of chatbots that have personalized the customer interaction activity while making it swift and more exact. It is all because of the intelligence that these chatbots have acquired that they are able to interact and solve customer query better.

Content Optimization for Speech Recognition- AI will make the content shift towards voice optimization for making it appropriate for Voice search. There is also a prediction that the search engines will start ranking content on the basis of voice optimization seeing more use of tools like Google assistant for performing the search. Thus, seo is likely to get affected with conversational keyword optimization being something seo Expert will focus and work upon.

Video and Image optimization- With people looking at more Videos and preferring images over text in future it is expected that the videos and images would be optimized just as content by adding relevant keywords. There is also expected the employment of new generation of video makers who would be able to optimize their video for the search engines.

Thus AI is likely to change seo to a large in future. There is expected a transformation whereby the seo professionals will

1. Reduce use of Black seo techniques as they would be gravely penalized for the same.
2. AI programmes like Chatbots that provide real-time data might prompt marketers to respond with adjustments and provide real-time assistance to customers
3. Keywords would be optimized for video and image search
4. Object detections and innovations within AI will lead to improvement in online marketing with respect to visual content.

So above are the ways AI and Big Data will affect seo. Whatever be the effect what cannot be denied is that the effect would be positive and will lead to better solutions and search.

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