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Email marketing. How to send mass emails?

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Of course, there are plenty of solutions such as Aweber, GetResponse, Mailchimp .....
How could you build a so big list without using an autoresponder? Were you used to do everything manually?
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Also, can use Aweber to send bulk mail which is really user friendly
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1) if you have a large database of e-mails, this does not mean that it is monetized
2) for sending enough to have a program for mass mailing and a HUGE number of proxies with an open 25 or 465 port
3) turning to others for mailing, you do not get a guarantee that they will really send something
4) the anti-spam system is now working so that, 1% of spammers can send massively
5) I advise you to sell the database and forget about spam as a terrible dream
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Install mozilla thunderbird and install addon mail merge on it.
From there you can send mass emails in seconds/minute.
No need to pay for anything, its for free.

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