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Everything SSD

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Who has experience with running just SSD Servers nothing else, what where the speeds like and did you have any issues with reliability? Did the drives work ok? How often did you need to replace them? What was your data usage like?
Adam Greer Offline referral

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SSD will be best choice, but it depend what application you running also. If you're on normal website, a SATA will more than enought. As SSD and SATA compare in normal website doesn't really see the different in term of speed.
hmb-robert Offline referral

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SSD servers are best in performance and reliability.
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SSD will be best option, but it rely what program you operating also. If you're on regular web page, a SATA will more than enought. As SSD and SATA evaluate in regular web page does not see the different in phrase of rate.
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SSDs are the best for speed. Reliability will not be quite as high as disk drives, but nobody uses disk drives anymore.

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