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Forum Mass Private Message Poster (Blackhat Software) - Legally Deliver Your Sales Message and URL to Millions of Inboxes

Do you know why email spamming is so prolific? The answer is simple: because it's hugely profitable. But what if there was a free and legal way to deliver your sales letter and URL to millions of peoples' inboxes? I've got good news for you, there is now such a way; we have developed unique highly innovative blackhat software (in the form of a easy-to-use Google Chrome extension) that can automatically private message *all* the members of tens of thousands of online forums (with an accumulative user count that is probably in the billions), for almost all of these forums the private messages you send are sent to the user's email inbox. This is 100% unique, legit, blackhat software that can deliver you millions of sales prospects. The software works on about 20% of forums (that might seem like a low amount, but it still accounts for millions of users to deliver your offer to).

We've already raked in over six million US dollars from using our software in-house (something I swear on my significant other's life and may karma burn the hell out of me if I'm lying) - and that profit is from relatively light use of the extension (we only leveraged a fraction of the potential forums to mass post private messages to). You can make millions with our software too (yes, honestly). Don't believe me? OK, let's look at the numbers - say you use the software to inbox one million forum users - and you pitch the URL of a sales page with a $50 profit margin, you only need 2% to convert to make one million USD ([[1,000,000 divide by 100] times 2] time 50 equals 1 million). It's not just do-able, it's easy. Sounds to good to be true? Surely there has to be a catch? Yes, there is a catch, this is a time-limited opportunity because forums will start closing the loop-holes that allow mass PM posting once our software becomes too popular, if you order now (or download the free version) you are liable to make a lot of money, but if you wait and waste time thinking about it you might be too late when you come back (we'll stop selling the software once the software doesn't work with circa 20% of forums, so you can rest assured if you're reading this, the opportunity is still wide-open).

This is your unique once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own super-elite blackhat software that makes online money making as easy as pie. Remember, this software could make you millions. Don't believe us? Think it's BS? Try the free version of our software and we guarantee the results you receive will bring you back here to buy the gold, silver or platinum (recommended) version.

Download link: http://blackhat2018.unaux.com/

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